When we talk about Wealth & Prosperity (which is the theme this month here on the Inspired Living blog) our minds automatically go to money. And the word MONEY triggers some pretty significant responses for people–it’s a charged word.

“I want lots of money!”

If you heard someone say that, what would you automatically think? That this person was:

  • greedy?
  • materialistic?
  • lazy?
  • superficial?
  • shallow?

It’s not really socially acceptable to make a statement like that without being judged. It’s just deemed unmannerly. But what if I were to say something like this:

“I want to expose my children to other cultures and regions of the world.”

“I want to reach millions of people with my message of peace through self-love.”

“I want to pay my bills with ease and take care of those in need.”

“I want to take impeccable care of myself so I can continue to be of service and enjoy my friends and family into my old age.”

These statements don’t seem so abrasive, do they? These statements are some of #mybigWHY s behind why I do want a lot of money. “Why?” is a powerful question to ask when you’re trying to learn about other people, and yourself. It’s an excellent question to ponder when you’re working with the energy of Wealth & Prosperity.

It used to be that one person had a bucket of fish to trade with another person who had a basket of berries. It was an exchange of something of value for something of equal value. This concept has moved to paper and coins (or more often these days, just numbers on a computer screen) that hold a certain value, and people make a choice to exchange it for things they deem equal to that value.

It’s energy–money is energy. The way we think about money carries a vibration. You can see how someone who thinks money is evil might have a different experience when looking at Wealth & Prosperity than a person who thinks money is a blessing. The key word here is thinks. How we think about money affects how we relate to it.

Spend some time with your journal today writing about how you think about money. Do you obsess about it, tracking every penny that goes in and out of your account? Ask yourself why! Is it because you’re afraid you’re going to run out, or that some of it might get stolen if you’re not constantly checking your balances?

Do you ignore your money? Ask yourself why! Is it because you don’t want to know what your real financial picture is? Is it because you consider managing money too hard or time consuming?

I try to practice gratitude (which happens to be the power word for Wealth & Prosperity in Feng Shui) when I deal with my money. I even had “with gratitude,” printed on my checks above the signature line. When I pay my electric bill, I hold the energy of thanks for all the ways that electricity has enhanced my life the past month. When I get paid for services I provide, I most certainly give thanks for my client seeing the value in the work we’re doing together.

Cleaning up your thinking around money is an important step in opening up healthy flow in your finances. It’s true that this particular form of energy is at the root of much corruption in the world. But it does’t have to hold that vibration for you. If collectively everyone who is reading this blog committed to blanketing their money exchanges with gratitude and empowered choice, I’d venture to guess that there would be some really healthy flow of Wealth & Prosperity in this Inspired Living village!

Will you give it a try with me?


Over the years I have made conscious exchanges in the form of money for high-level training, books, retreats, and coaching. My WHY for this was so that I could guide people in stepping out of their thinking minds and the stories they create and into their authentic selves, enjoying abundant and fulfilling lives. I felt these exchanges were a commitment to my vision for a peaceful world, where humans and the planet are healing and thriving.

My clients see the value of their energetic exchange with me in the form of paying money for compassionate support, wisdom and knowledge, and catalyzing shifts in their own personal energy and experience in life. It is beautifully mutually beneficial.

Click here to pick an hour to talk with me about what this exchange could look like for you. This is a gift from me in exchange for an hour of your curiosity and desire for a richer life. It’s an opportunity for me to see if you’re a good fit for the service I offer, and for you to see if you are ready for this kind of commitment. I’d love to talk with you!

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