“I was feeling scattered and confused in my new house. I wanted to create harmony; a peaceful and welcoming environment. I wanted it to feel like home. I was blown away by Cristin’s recommendations. She left me excited to begin implementing changes in my home so the energy would flow. It makes a world of difference in how my house feels to me!”
Mary Jo, Entrepreneur and Pilates Guru
“Cristin offered us something beyond our functional design aesthetic. She offered a fresh perspective on the energy of our home and how inspiration flowed into our spaces. After working with Cristin we were able to bring balance and presence with new design inspirations. She also brought us clarity on which design ideas (we had many!) to implement in each room. And with our new awareness of the need for INTENTION, we are now able to prioritize our projects based on the areas of our life that needs the positive influence.
It was an out of the box experience that brought my husband and I happiness, inspiration, and a sense of “oneness.” Cristin created a very personal experience and asked challenging questions. She was easy to work with and prompt–she’s a breath of fresh air!
Tiffini, DoTerra Wellness Consultant and Uber-creative Mama
“I love you.  And you’ve just made me cry happy tears by giving me the go ahead to understand that I don’t need permission to be myself!”
Mikalee, Actor and Rock & Roll Idol Goddess
“You have that ability to “see” things in me that I had lost sight of and remind me of them. You not only pulled me out of my “crazy” during one of the worst times of my life, but you held me accountable to use outlets that calmed me, leaving no room for “crazy” to overwhelm me. I needed someone who saw life the same way as I do to help me find my path again. You have the most amazing energy!!! I could feel it in every session!! You listen  to all the words and felt what I did – understood it and used that energy to connect with me and guide me back to the light path. Having someone that I trust – someone who I know never judges me and point out places in my life that I let consume me where there isn’t need. Your energy and ability to connect is awesome!”
Nikki, self-proclaimed bubbly weirdo