This is our final week with the theme of Wealth & Prosperity. How has it been going for you?

I gave you several tools to use throughout the month to pump up your abundance. I’m curious to know–

  • Did you build an Abundance Altar?
  • Did you complete your Gratitude Log every day this month?
  • Have you used any of the Feng Shui tools I shared to amp up the Wealth & Prosperity area of your home?

Please share in the comments how you executed this month!

Remember, having a strong intention is oh-so important, but taking action is key!

I played right along with you all this month and tended to the Wealth & Prosperity areas of my home. In being super intentional about this and really becoming aware of the energy of this space, I have developed an overwhelming desire to SIMPLIFY. I feel the heaviness of the clutter that occupies my husband’s closet. My son went hunting for something in our dress up bin in the storage room and left it a wreck! Aaahhhh!! Guess who’s not getting any video games until it’s cleaned up?!

Not all Feng Shui enhancements in our home can happen immediately. Just like the clutter that occupies our minds in the form of old belief systems and worn-out stories we’ve been telling ourselves, it takes patience and persistence to clear space. So now it’s time for me to make the commitment to myself and my desire for a strong and consistent flow of energy in wealth & prosperity. I have that clear intention…and an action plan is being built!

Every day for the rest of this month I will devote 10 minutes–just 10 minutes!–to clearing some of the stagnant items and energy out of these key locations in my home. I know that when I release my hold on something…an article of clothing or a thought pattern, I allow for freer movement. I create space. I invite healthy flow. And that is what I desire in all areas of my life, including my sense of abundance.

Now, another important facet to this whole process: integration. We are welcoming Wealth & Prosperity into our lives through out intention and our action, but do we fully receive it when it comes?! Celebration is my favorite way to do this, and…

I’m here to celebrate something with you!

After I created my Abundance Altar and was visiting it every evening as part of my Evening Ritual, I got some very exciting news! I was awarded an all-expense paid trip to The Awakened Woman Convergence in Arizona in October! Holy Abundance!!!!!

From the moment I learned of this event I had a deep desire to attend. I had such a strong pull that I declared to myself that I was going to make this trip happen no matter what. (Intention!) There were steps I needed to take to be eligible to win this prize, and I played full-out (Action!). With Wealth & Prosperity being our theme this month, upon learning I had won the prize I almost laughed out loud at the alignment of it all!

It’s easy to receive things in our lives and allow them to just roll off our consciousness without acknowledging our role in manifesting it. It is so important not to let this happen!! I am SO GRATEFUL to have been chosen to attend this beautiful conference that will enable me to immerse myself with other change-making thought leaders and juice up my work in the world even more. I set the intention and I took the action. I worked with my personal energy and with the energy of my home to support that which I wanted to create. And it rolled right to me!

What has rolled into your life this month due to your own intentions and actions? What did you set your sights on and take the steps to manifest in your life? Please share–I want to celebrate with you!!!

Remember, you can (and should!) do this work all the time. You don’t need it to be Wealth & Prosperity month at Inspired Living for you to focus on welcoming a strong flow of abundance. I hope you’ll use the tools I’ve shared with you to keep these areas of our home and your mind polished and ripe to receive!

I’m so grateful you played along with me this month. Next week I introduce June’s theme as we begin to wind down the season of Spring and welcome the sunny, active days of Summer! Stay tuned and share with your friends!!

peace & love,


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