Inspired Living Essentials

We are spirits having a human experience, and being human means sometimes we’re thrown off balance. Sometimes our physical bodies need some repair. Sometimes our hormones or our emotions get the best of us. Taking ownership of our health and wellbeing is essential.

Essential oils are precious compounds delicately extracted from nature. They organically work with the systems of the body to restore greater balance. For centuries these potent oils have been used to bring a flow of vibrant life-force energy to the body, mind, and spirit.

I completed a 50-hour foundations course and several educational workshops to learn the safe and therapeutic applications of essential oils. I have worked with essential oils daily for more than 4 years, creating custom blends to fit the specific needs of my clients, myself, and my family. I love them because they come straight from Mother Nature, and because they’re a proactive, safe, and gentle yet effective in promoting health and wellbeing. And they smell gorgeous!

My blends work beautifully with intentions, as the power of the mind is our most important healing source.

The essential oils I use in my custom blends are the highest quality, therapeutic-grade, and organic whenever available. I use super clean, organic carriers and pure water.


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