This is a favorite picture of me at about age 5–running, smiling, being FREE. (My brother isn’t having as much fun at this moment, and my little sister seems eager to join in!)

The energy of Sunday’s New Moon in Leo is still lingering around and I just can’t get over all the messages I’m reading from the folks out there who know what all this astrology stuff means for us. I feel it and I use it, but I haven’t studied it too much myself, so I turn to some of the experts I’ve gathered over the years to tell me what’s happening in the cosmos and how it plays out for us humans here on the beautiful planet Earth.

This New Moon energy is about creative expression;

opening your heart and playing BIG in the world! We are called to bring forth the courage of the lion as we not only stand but move forward in our truth, our passion, that thing that makes our heart swell or break wide open.

It’s time to embrace the free-abandon of a child. The pleasure-seeking, in-the-moment exuberance that pays no mind to who is watching or what they think. Dissolving the tough outer shell that you’ve constructed to keep ALL OF YOU from shining out in the world will open you up to playfulness, to creativity, to self-expression that you haven’t allowed for yourself since you were a young one yourself.

I am laughing at the alignment of this New Moon’s energy with the new theme for the upcoming month:

Children & Creativity

This is exactly the energy of this life area in Feng Shui, and in this piece of the puzzle that makes up our human existence. Making this connection has me wanting to dance and twirl, paint and cook, have sex in the rain and have slumber parties with my girlfriends.

This is an invitation to reconnect with your own inner child…

  • What did she love to do for fun?
  • What did she dream about for her future?
  • What was she scared of that you can now reassure her about? 
  • How can you call her forth and invite her for a playdate?

This is going to be a fun month to explore, so I hope you’ll keep reading and invite your friends to subscribe! For now, what are you going to do in the next 3 days that feels indulgently playful, simple in it’s creativity, or courageously heart-centered and vulnerable? Please do let me know! or post a comment below!

peace & love,


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