The final week of each month I will discuss the area of your home that pertains to the theme I’ve been discussing in my blogs. This month that theme has been Health & Family. The Health & Family area is about the health of our bodies, especially as it pertains to our family history. Family itself is also a focus of this area, specifically our ancestors and extended family.

Using the Bagua Map, a Feng Shui tool that helps you map out the energy of your living spaces, I invite you to direct your attention to the space in your home that vibrates at the same frequency as Health & Family. Measuring the dimension of your home is essential in an accurate reading of where this area is located, so take the time to create a to-scale drawing of your home–it’s worth it.

Your front door will fall along the bottom plane of this graph.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the Bagua Map, click here to download my free Creating Your Home’s Energy Map guide.


Many people have personal goals around their health. It’s our most precious asset! This body is carrying around your Spirit–of course you want to keep it in the best condition you can! So let me share some tips on how to support your Health & Family goals from the outside in>>using your environment to support your intentions.

Decorating & Accessorizing

Green is the power color for the Health & Family area of the home. Whether the walls are covered in green paint or you use green as an accent color in this area of your home, know that when your eye lands on this color you begin to harmonize with the energy of health and vitality.

Wood is the dominant element of this area, so this space in your home can be supported by using some of the following:

  • wooden furniture and accessories
  • healthy plants, flowers, and/or herbs
  • vertical stripes
  • floral patterns
  • photography or artwork depicting trees or forests

This space in your home is a wonderful place to employ the magic and science of essential oils as well! Think of your favorite essential oils that come from green plants: basil, rosemary, mint. Think of the tree oils that are so strengthening and supporting: cypress, pine, cedar wood. Hook up that diffuser and let your breath draw in the oils that most speak to your health and family goals (or whatever smells awesome to you today!)


I call this work Intentional Design because we have the opportunity to infuse our outer world with the energy of our inner desires and inspiration. When we surround ourselves with things that remind us of what it is we want, things that spark a remembrance, or even just things we find to be really beautiful, we’re creating a high-vibe environment.

Think about the opposite of that–you can imagine how living in a low-vibe environment will affect you in a negative way and make it even harder for you to take aligned action toward your goals. It’s like trying to drop some weight when your cupboards are full of junk food or wanting to attract a loving partner when there are pictures and memories of past failed relationships all around you.

Clean up your outer world and align it with your inner world.

~ So what ARE your intentions for your health?

~ What ARE your intentions for your family life?

Considering the power color of green and the dominant element of wood, what can you intentionally put in this space that supports what you desire in these life areas?

If your kitchen table falls in this space, maybe some green bamboo placemats can be the anchor for your intention to sit down at the table to eat your meals rather than eating on the go. If your laundry room falls in this area, maybe paint the cabinets a vibrant green (I love being playful in a laundry room! You can go crazy in this space and know that it’s most likely not going to throw off the lovely design of the rest of your home.) and hang a big family portrait from your last family reunion on the wall so that every time you go in to throw in a load you remember all your cool cousins, you send love to your ailing aunt, and you give gratitude for the family that raised you to be who you are.

Also remember to intentionally remove things from your space that doesn’t support what you desire. That’s your first step. Clear the clutter, give the space a good cleaning, and begin with a blank canvas.

Your health is up to you so surround yourself with inspiration for the creation of the life you really desire.


See you next week with our new theme for May!

peace & love,


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