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Our values are the foundation of our lives. Imagine them like the soil that holds the nutrients and the life force needed to grow a tree—that energy draws up and in to the trunk, the limbs, the leaves, and the fruit as it takes its form in the world.


When it comes to your relationship with your partner, or the partner you desire to have, what values are that relationship planted in? This requires getting present and identifying what feels most vital to you right now. Your own unique life experiences are going to influence your choices here, either moving you away from a painful experience of moving you toward a pleasurable one. After you determine what your leading values are for your relationship, it’s important that you commit to showing up in alignment with these values in your life.


For example, if you were betrayed in a previous relationship, you may deeply value honesty and trust right now. In this case those values move you further away from the hurtful experience and closer to the kind of relationship that you truly desire.


To truly live in integrity means that you are completely honest with yourself and with your partner, opening your heart to trust your inner wisdom and to trust your loved one.


If I’m craving more intimacy and a deeper connection with my partner, my leading values might be communication and presence. These values move me toward the creation of a partnership that feeds my needs.


To truly live in integrity means that I communicate my needs to my partner and share intimate parts of my life to deepen our connection. I notice when I may be multi-tasking or distracted and I consciously make a choice to grab his hand and be fully present as he shares his feelings and the details of his day.


When we understand what values nourish and support our relationships, and we are devoted to living our own lives in integrity with those values, we then have the stable foundation for growth with our partners. Without that firm foundation, it’s very easy to get blown over in the inevitable storms of life.


I work with people in digging up and identifying those values that will serve as life force for their relationships, and in establishing lifestyle practices that shift them to living fully on-purpose. I’d love to talk with you about the love and relationship you wish for and walk with you down the path to creating it. Pick a time by clicking this link and we’ll explore what it will be like for you to have this kind of support right now.  Relationship work is some of my favorite adventures to go on with my clients!


If you’d like to share the values that you’re most being called to, please do! Leave a comment under the blog, post on my Facebook page, or send me a private email to


Peace & love,


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