The final week of each month I will discuss the area of your home that pertains to the theme I’ve been discussing in my blogs. This month that theme has been Knowledge & Self-Cultivation. It’s an energy of stillness, of wisdom and learning, of reflection and integration. It’s just the perfect place for us to begin our journey in the season of Winter.

Using the Bagua Map, a Feng Shui tool that helps you map out the energy of your living spaces, I invite you to direct your attention to the space in your home that vibrates at the same frequency as Knowledge & Self-Cultivation. When you stand at the front door of your home, the front left corner is this area.

Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

The front wall of your home aligns with the bottom plane of this grid.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the Bagua Map, click here to download my free Creating Your Home’s Energy Map guide.

Now that you’ve found this space in your home, look at it with fresh eyes. What do you see?


In every area we will work with, it’s a good practice to first look at the degree of clutter in this space. A cluttered Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area can translate to:

  • a confused mind
  • an inability to focus
  • wishy-washy thinking
  • feeling of overwhelm
  • lack of depth
  • stress/lack of inner peace
  • poor relationship with oneself/lots of negative self-talk

Dedicate 30 minutes to picking up items that don’t belong in this space and moving them to their rightful homes. Saunter around the room and notice if you are at risk for banging your knee on a table or tripping over a carpet corner. If so, move some things around so you flow with ease throughout the space.


Each area of the Bagua Map has a supportive color or color palette that can be used when designing a space. For the Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area, this is a blue-green color. It can be used on the walls or furniture, or as an accent in accessories or fabrics.

Decorating & Accessorizing

This is the perfect place for a comfortable reading chair, or a meditation or prayer space. If you’re a student or if you have students living in your home, this is a great spot for studying, making sure there is adequate lighting. Shelving books that inspire you or resource books in this area makes sense. If you have a regular journaling practice, the energy of this space is very conducive for this deep work.


To infuse this space with intention, consider what you’ve learned and have been working on while reading this month’s blog posts with the theme of Knowledge & Self-Cultivation. Craft an “I am statement” — an affirmative declaration of what you desire for yourself in this area of your life. For example:

“I am taking time daily for stillness and reflection.”

“I am practicing getting quiet in times of stress to allow for my inner wisdom to speak to me.”

“I am capable of learning honors biology and applying my knowledge to earn a good grade.”

Write your intention of a piece of paper and tuck it in a drawer in this space. Alternatively, you can create a beautiful visual with your intention, decorate it with stamps and glitter, and frame it! Both work wonderfully — it’s up to you and how your desire to express yourself. The idea is that when you enter this space you are reminded of what you are creating in your life in the area of Knowledge & Self-Cultivation.

KSC week 4 pic room

Can you see how this practice will begin to shift how you view your home? Can you feel how your environment can begin to support you and the growth you are experiencing in your life? It’s exciting and it’s FUN!

I hope this has been and inspiring and motivating message for you today! If you feel like you would like some support as you go through any level of this work, schedule a free Liberation Session with me! It’s an hour devoted to you and your desires. It would be my greatest pleasure to connect with you.

peace & love,



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