The final week of each month I will discuss the area of your home that pertains to the theme I’ve been discussing in my blogs. This month that theme has been Love & Relationships. It’s an energy of receptivity, of giving but also of receiving. It helps us to see the dance between the two, and how that energy exchange is a never ending cycle when we’re willing to own our part, take responsibility for our own happiness, and be generous with those we love (and with ourselves).

Using the Bagua Map, a Feng Shui tool that helps you map out the energy of your living spaces, I invite you to direct your attention to the space in your home that vibrates at the same frequency as Love & Relationships. When you stand at the front door of your home, the back right corner is this area.

Love & Relationships grid

The front wall of your home aligns with the bottom of this grid

For more detailed instructions on how to use the Bagua Map, click here to download my free Creating Your Home’s Energy Map guide.

Now that you’ve found this space in your home, look at it with fresh eyes. What do you see?


In every area we will work with, it’s a good practice to first look at the degree of clutter in this space. A cluttered Love & Relationship area can translate to:

  • poor communication
  • stress in either or both partners
  • a stale or stagnant sex life
  • being “too busy” to nurture the relationship
  • always bringing up old issues and stories
  • boredom

Dedicate 30 minutes to picking up items that don’t belong in this space and moving them to their rightful homes. Saunter around the room and notice if you are at risk for banging your knee on a table or tripping over a carpet corner. If so, move some things around so you flow with ease throughout the space. Give all the shelves a good dusting and allow some sunlight to pour in to this space, all while holding a vision of the relationship you desire to have. You’re creating space for that to come in!


Each area of the Bagua Map has a supportive color or color palette that can be used when designing a space. For the Love & Relationship area, this color is pink. It can be used on the walls or furniture, or as an accent in accessories or fabrics. If pink isn’t a color you can see yourself using in your decor, consider using a combination of red and white (because combined they create pink). Remember, this power color doesn’t mean you need to paint the walls the color of bubblegum or go buy a fuchsia loveseat. A pop of pink in a neutral room or a red and a white throw pillow will do the trick. It’s all about the intention that is sparked within you when your own energy picks up on that of the material world you have mindfully curated.

Decorating & Accessorizing

The key thing to remember when decorating and accessorizing the Love & Relationship area is to work with pairs.

  • If you have candles here, make sure there are two. Scents such as rose, jasmine, and sandalwood are heart opening and aphrodisiacs, perfect fragrances to work with in this area!
  • If you have framed pictures, make sure there’s a pair of them. Framed photos of couples you admire are perfect to display in this area of your home. Or how about a beautiful piece of art that depicts two love birds or two red roses?

Functionally this space could be a room that you don’t think relates to Love & Relationships well. Remember, we are working with life from a wholistic viewpoint.

All of life is life.

If your Love & Relationship area is your kitchen, intentionally infuse all of your food with love. Hang blown glass hearts from the windows in this corner of your home. Sit in this space when you write love notes to your honey. You are in charge of your outer world through the intentions that you set.


To infuse this space with intention, consider what you’ve learned and have been working on while reading this month’s blog posts with the theme of Love & Relationships. Craft an “I am statement” — an affirmative declaration of what you desire for yourself in this area of your life. For example:

“I am ready and open for a passionate, loving relationship.”

“I am allowing myself to receive without guilt or shame.”

“I am deserving of an equal partnership where my needs and desires are a priority.”

Write a love letter to yourself or buy a greeting card for yourself that speaks to your heart and keep it in this area of your home. I’m thinking of creating a beautiful altar space dedicated to the essence of love in the back right corner of my home. I will adorn the space with rose quartz crystals, pairs of pink candles, my wedding portrait, and little chotchkes that my husband has given me as gifts over the years. I love the idea of making this a part of my daily rituals–visiting this space, taking a moment to contemplate my relationship and give gratitude for the ongoing cycle of giving and receiving between my husband and I. It’s a lovely way to infuse my living space with loving intention and in turn allow my space to support and nourish the energy of my relationship as I go about my day in my home.

L&R image

Can you see how this practice will begin to shift how you view your home? Can you feel how your environment can begin to support you and the growth you are experiencing in your life? It’s exciting and it’s FUN!

I hope this has been and inspiring and motivating message for you today! If you feel like you would like some support as you go through any level of this work, schedule a free Liberation Session with me! It’s an hour devoted to you and your desires. It would be my greatest pleasure to connect with you.

peace & love,


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