A sunny welcome to you! The front door of our homes is one of the most important places when it comes to ushering the good stuff in to our house and in to our life! Pay close attention to the front entryway…the path leading up to the house, the ascending steps, the condition of the door, the handle, the door bell, the foliage you and your guests encounter when pausing here–they are all vitally important. This is the place where first impressions are made. Whatever is happening at this threshold is what you are welcoming in to your home. And depending on where your front door lies on the facade of your house, it could have influence on your personal growth, your career, places you’re going in your life, and the people who will help you get there. This is not just a door to a building. This is door to your fullest, happiest life!
After you go dust the cobwebs off your front landing, bookmark this site to keep learning about mindful design tips for your home and your life!
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