Don’t mistake my vulnerability for weakness.


My willingness to share from the depths of my being, to reveal my tender places and my emotions does not mean I can’t handle the struggles of life. It means that I know I don’t have to handle them in solitude.


My wide-open heart and trusting spirit do not mean I can’t set and hold boundaries or kick some serious ass if need be.


I choose exposing my soul, and for as many sharks that may swim around me, there are three times the amount of loving safety nets that are thrown my way. And they serve champagne on my ship.


Don’t mistake my vulnerability for weakness.


If my vulnerability makes your nervous, ask yourself what you’re afraid of. Your fear is about you, it’s not about me.


I invite you to take a risk. Share something that’s real for you with someone who cares for you. Notice what it feels like to be heard and seen in your rawness.


I can hold that space for you if you like. Because I know you are powerful, and I won’t mistake your vulnerability for weakness.



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