I have been working with my Wealth & Prosperity areas in my home the past week and it has offered me many opportunities for self-reflection. This is part of the reason we do this work. We can’t just move our stuff around and expect everything to shift in our favor. Sometimes it is an environmental issue that requires our attention, but almost every single time…

there is something going on inside of us that is creating this block to abundance (or whatever it is we’re seeking), and many times it manifests in our outer world as a signal.

About a decade ago my husband, with my support, left his job to start up a new company with two colleagues. I was a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids ages 2, 3, and 5 with total confidence in my husband and his vision. Making this commitment meant we would have to scale way back for a while, as anyone who’s ever started a business would know.

That first year was tough. During a particularly challenging month, I decided to call on my Feng Shui knowledge and do some hands-on work with my environment to open up some financial flow. Knowing where the Wealth & Prosperity area is in my home, I went right to the storage room in our basement. Yikes!

Do you have a room like this? It’s like a wily child…when given constant attention it can’t get out of hand, but if you turn your back for a minute–disaster. Almost every home has a “catch all” space, and for me it’s the storage room.

My husband and I gazed upon the mountains of storage bins, furniture, pictures, camping gear, holiday decorations, and Rolling Stones going back 40 years and decided to devote the day to sorting it all out in the name of our financial health.

After turning on our music I grabbed my husband’s hand and told him, “This space holds the energy of our Wealth & Prosperity. As we embark on this project, let us remember that everything we touch is made of energy. We will respect everything. If it no longer serves us, we give gratitude for the time when it did and we bless it to go on and bring positive energy to someone else who will be elated to have it. We will find a home for everything that lights us up. If it’s broken or useless, we again will honor it’s temporary presence in our home, and send it into the next phase of it’s cycle (whether that’s to the Earth or to recycle). We are creating space for what we desire to come to us.”

Man, did that feel amazing! I know you know that feeling you have after you’ve tackled a mess of a space. Seeing it organized and orderly is like taking a deep, full, refreshing breath of fresh air.

You’ve moved the energy of your space from constriction to expansion, and you can feel it mentally and physically!

Where is that space for you? Is it a closet or a drawer? A guest room or the garage?

What kind of chaos is in your Wealth & Prosperity area? If you need a refresher on where that is, here’s a link to last week’s blog. How can you weave your intention into this space and create the financial flow you desire?

The Wealth & Prosperity area of the upper floor of my house includes the spot where my nightstand is. I took some time this week to clear off all the books, journals, pens, lotions & potions that cluttered this space and I created a

Wealth & Prosperity Altar:

It’s simple and sweet, but let me tell you, it’s already infusing my days with inspiration. Every night when I come up to my bedroom, lighting the candles is now the first step in my Evening Ritual. Rituals   breathe the sacred into your life, and that’s just what this does. This little altar invites me to pause and give gratitude for all the abundance I experienced throughout the day (have you been filling out your Inspired Living Gratitude Log from last week?). As you can see, an affirmation of “My path is clear to receiving abundant financial flow” has a home here, along with other special items that I describe more about in my free worksheet, Little Altars Everywhere. Intention lives here.

I would love to see what you’re doing in your Wealth & Prosperity area! Will you share a picture on social media and tag me @cristinzegers, using the hashtag #inspiredlivingspaces?

See you next week!

peace & love,


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