The final week of each month I discuss the area of your home that pertains to the theme I’ve been discussing in my blogs. This month that theme has been the Center. The Center is about the wholeness of who you are. Looking at the diagram below, you see that there are areas surrounding you at every turn, but no matter where you look, you’re there right in the Center. It a place of groundedness, of truth, of authenticity.

Using the Bagua Map, a Feng Shui tool that helps you map out the energy of your living spaces, I invite you to direct your attention to the space in your home that vibrates at the same frequency as the Center. Measuring the dimension of your home is essential in an accurate reading of where this area is located, so take the time to find your homes true center–it’s worth it.

The front wall of your home aligns with the bottom of this grid

For more detailed instructions on how to use the Bagua Map, click here to download my free Creating Your Home’s Energy Map guide.

Now that you’ve found this space in your home, look at it with fresh eyes. What do you see?

This area of the home always makes me think of one of my favorite quotes:

Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. (unknown author)

That is our mission. I can’t think of anyone (well, any adult) who talks very much of being bored. We all live pretty full lives. But we’re also addicted to busy and often times have a hard time finding that peace in our hearts. That’s the essence of coming home, of tapping into your own true nature. It’s fantastic to be surrounded by a variety of things that you love…and it’s ideal to be radiating from a place of inner love.

What Center represents

This is the main idea and intention of the Center area of your home: When you stand in this space you should feel whole. From this vantage point, theoretically you can see all the other various areas of your life; you can extend your arms and touch the richness of your human experience. Look at the grid above and imagine you’re the center of a pinwheel, the colors of all the beautiful element of your life spinning around you at the Center.

Standing in this space, tall and strong, what do you desire your life experience to feel like? Close your eyes and feel in to this.

When I work with my coaching clients we start by taking a look at all the different areas of their lives and discuss how they’re feeling about the current condition of these life energies, and where they would ideally like to be. But in order to chart a course for getting from NOW to IDEAL, we have to know what’s at the Center.

We explore personal values, non-negotiables, and we look at what’s real and true in their lives. This serves as the foundation for the journey. You wouldn’t hike the Appalachian Trail with bare feet–getting grounded in your Center is like getting yourself the best, most supportive and comfortable hiking boots you can get.

The Energy of Center

Earth is the dominating element in the Center area of your home. This means that adding features that represent the Earth element can enhance the energy of this space and help anchor in your intentions for how you want to feel. Here are some examples of how you can incorporate the Earth element in your home:

  • Earth tones: browns, earthy greens, adobe orange
  • Crystals: including crystal chandeliers, crystal glassware, or your collection of quartz crystals
  • Soil: often there is not enough sunlight to warrant a houseplant in this area, but if you have a variety that will thrive in this space, make sure it’s planted in fresh, healthy soil.
  • Artwork: paintings or photographs depicting mountains, or the globe itself. *Remember metaphors here…cliffs are beautiful but do they make you feel grounded and safe? Think stable and unshakable.
  • Earthenware: pottery, bricks, or tiles (handmade from a cherished source is always the best)
  • Squares: square is the shape that relates to the element of Earth. Maybe an earth-tone square rug is appropriate here.
  • Any objects or images that represent who you are, what you stand for, what nourishes your soul. Maybe this is a place for your favorite poem or passage to be framed so you can gaze upon it daily as you walk through this space. Maybe a picture of you or your family when you’re totally “in your element,” that brings memories of a time when you felt whole and complete.

Working with the Center is an essential part of Inspired Living. As we travel around the Bagua Map in my monthly themes, we will revisit the Center at each season change. It’s so easy to get pulled away from our true essence by the workings of everyday life.

With Summer upon us, maybe you’re seeing a shift in what centers you. Each turn on the Seasons allows us the opportunity to revisit our foundation and create from there. Maybe adventure takes the lead for the next couple of months. Maybe family connection is your non-negotiable…or Saturday afternoon naps on a pool float. Spend some time this week journaling about what’s most important for you so you can build your life around that. Just make sure it comes from YOUR center.

peace & love,



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