There’s something about the notion of “Fame” that causes some of us to recoil a bit. When I think about the current application of the word fame images of the Kardashians pop in my head. I don’t feel in alignment with this kind of fame at all. But we can’t let our impression of what it means to be famous keep us from showing up in our genius is bold ways in the world!

I also think about the actors or celebrities that I do respect and sense that the lack of privacy they deal with on a daily basis would make this introvert want to crawl back into her quiet little studio and meditate for hours.

And the sweeping stereotype that today’s youth, the millennials, are so concerned with their social media popularity and recognition that they’re deemed shallow and superficial. All of these examples exhibit the power of story and unchecked beliefs on how we behave in the world. I can feel a negative physical reaction in my body when I unconsciously ponder the notion of fame.

So let’s get conscious about it, shall we?

Fame (noun): 1. widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character; renown; public eminence  2. common estimation or opinion generally held of a person; reputation

The first thing to do is look at those beliefs you hold deeply about what fame means:

  • To experience fame means…
  • People who experience fame…
  • If I were to be famous then I would have to…

Look at those sentences that you just completed and consider how these beliefs may be holding you back from really showing up in your genius. Our modern society has ruined the notion of fame, making it something that’s all about ego. What if it wasn’t about ego for you. What if YOU could choose what you are famous for and you do it from a place of honoring and reverence?

You can!

I like the piece of the definition of fame that mentions “favorable character.” Character is the collective features or traits that make up your true nature, and our character is unique to each of us. What makes up your character?

  • What are the admirable qualities that you bring to your life?
  • What comes easy to you?
  • What ignites a fire in your belly and causes you to take action? 
  • What brings you so much joy that your enthusiasm about it seems contagious? 

Regina Thomashauer, Founder of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and Author of Pussy: A Reclamation, encourages women to engage in the practice of braggingRight? Your body recoiled again, didn’t it? We’ve been taught our whole lives that bragging is uncouth. But I’d also argue that this same messaging is keeping us small, holding us back from owning our talents and our genius’.

Right now the world needs us to stand tall and proud in our brilliance. This is no time to hide when we have God-given gifts to share. As women, men, and young adults with more opportunity, education, resources, and rights than millions of others around the world, it’s our responsibility to figure out what it is we have to offer the world…and do it!

Take 10 minutes with your journal and do a free-form brag session. Spill out on paper all the wonderful things about yourself. Nothing is too small or too big. Don’t worry about sounding superficial. Don’t be concerned with anyone reading this (you can always burn it when you’re done if you need to). Notice if shame bubbles up…and keep writing. If you doubt if something you’re bragging about is really a part of you, write some more about it.

Allow this exercise to crumble any barriers you’ve put up to owning your brilliance. It feels vulnerable, it feels scary, but you’re doing this to open up a door to allowing what is special and unique about you to make the world a better place. You’re not doing this to get your own show on the E Network.

You’re doing this to show your kids it’s okay to recognize the wonderful aspects of themselves. You’re doing this to give yourself a chance at making a positive impact on the people around you. You’re doing this to open up a flow of creative ideas about what your next best step in life may be.


Own your brilliance! Know your gifts and allow others to experience them! Find the pieces of you that make you feel the most proud, the most alive, and share them with the world! I would love to read some of the glittery gems that have been dug up through this work. Will you share with me? You can share them on the blog below or email me privately at

Have fun and shine on!


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