Spring Equinox is a day that marks balance in the system of nature. It is a day of equal light and darkness. We are offered the opportunity to ponder the lightness and the darkness within ourselves. Both are present and both are essential. Sometimes it’s hard to think of darkness as necessary in our lives because we equate darkness to pain, and we want to avoid pain at all costs.

Let’s look to nature to offer us some insights here. The darkness of night beckons the animals to rest, the morning glory to close it’s petals, and activity to lull. It gives everything on Earth a break from the drying heat of the sun.

A long day at the beach is made more enjoyable by the occasional shade of an umbrella. The dark and cold yin energy of Winter is the counterbalance to the bright and hot yang energy of Summer.

Within ourselves we experience light and dark emotions, and we’ve been told that “you’ve got to endure the rain to experience the rainbow.” And it’s true! The richness and complexity of our emotions are one of the great gifts of being human.

When we’re in the deep darkness of grief or significant pain, it’s hard to see the gift in it. This is the reason for this practice of self-reflection and spiritual evolution…to build up the ability to know, deep within yourself, that there is light on the other side of the darkness. If this practice lessens deep suffering in any way it’s by offering us the gift of hope and the promise of faith–that every life experience is a gift, even if that gift isn’t revealed to us right away.

Imagine if we lived our lives like toddlers. They can experience a full range of emotions in a matter of minutes! Giggling and twirling one moment, then collapsed on the floor hysterically crying in the next, only to be snuggled on your lap loving on Mom or Dad a few moments later. How exhausting would that be as an adult?! And for toddlers the goal is immediate gratification. As mature adults, it’s about much more than that.

It’s about fulfillment. It’s about acknowledging the most extraordinary love and living in that for as long as you can. And it’s about really feeling the excruciating suffering that can only come from the blessing of that extraordinary love, staying in that suffering until you are ready to move through it on the slow boat of gratitude. It’s the ultimate journey of extremes, but it’s stretched over a lifetime and it’s root, it’s source and it’s goal is LOVE.

As we welcome the Spring Equinox, I invite you to ponder the light and the dark in your own life. Can you find gratitude for all of it? Can you begin to see the darkness as a gift that you get to experience because of how deeply you can love? Don’t wish it away. Don’t unnecessarily numb it. When you’re fully in the lightness and joy, don’t wait for the other shoe to drop.

Be IN IT. All of it.

I love you~


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