About Cristin

I’m a chameleon of sorts. I used to think my adaptability made me a disconnected woman. Now I know that I can be authentically and wholly myself while morphing to suit my environment. My thoughts, my values, and my intentions are genuine. Always. Coming back home to them has been my journey.

I did the traditional. I followed the conventional tract. Public school, college, business suit, resume, wedding (white floofy dress), cottage in the city, stick shift with a sunroof.

I acquiesced to the structure of the world I felt a part of: I worked hard and played hard. Pushing through, toughing it out, paying my dues, and partying till dawn.

In motherhood I was awakened to a new way, a less forceful and more natural way of being. Presence became more important than planning. Being became more important than doing. Organic growth & awareness became more important than systematic building & advancement.

This wasn’t easy or natural though. I didn’t have a mentor for how to balance the caretaking of my family and the caretaking of my spirit. My examples and the messages I received from the world around me were about sacrifice.

But you know what? We don’t have to surrender every part of ourselves to meet the standards set by the people before us or the world around us. I learned that lovingly tending to all the parts of me is the best way, the only way, for me to show up for my family.

I took a detailed look at my life and what I saw was…

  • My marriage was strong. My friendships were plentiful. But I didn’t feel like I was giving my whole self to these relationships. 
  • I lost the baby weight. I had everyone, including myself, on a good routine: eating, sleeping, playing. I binge drank on the weekends, obsessed over what I ate, and criticized what I saw in the mirror.
  • Money was coming in. I was finally feeling secure in our finances. I stopped paying attention. I spent freely without thought or intention. Emptiness started to rear its shadowy head…in the bank account, in my choices, in my spirit. 
  • I loved being a mom. I was good at it. I gave up a career that I didn’t really love to be with my kids. Resentment became a frequent visitor in my life. Should I feel guilty for wanting more? 

I craved intellectual stimulation and deeply meaningful work. I was moved by what I saw happening in the world and wanted to be part of the solution. I started voraciously reading the works Louise Hay, Jon Kabat-Zin, Caroline Myss, and Barbara Kingsolver. I got a subscription to Oprah Magazine and Yoga Journal. And on the rainbow path of their inspiration, my long journey of self discovery began.

Since leaving corporate America I have trained in Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, and ultimately found my calling in Life Coaching, seeing it as a way for me to combine all my passions in service to others as they navigate their own paths.

I immersed myself in teachings about mindset, belief systems, thought patterns, mind/body/spirit connection, the power of intention, visualization, meditation, and focused action. I have embraced the magic of sisterhood. I work my own shit, and I work it hard. I am kind to myself. I hold myself to a higher standard (and I’m the author of those standards, no one else). I have made self-care a way of life, finally knowing that my capacity to give love to others is only matched by my capacity to love myself.

And I want to love big in the world.

I’ve dedicated not only years, but the entirety of my essence to coming back home to myself. And in doing so, I have become the person (and the mother) I have always wanted to be.

My desire is to help you connect to your true nature and develop your unique definition of success.   

Conventional ways speak to the status quo. We can do better than that. We must do better than that in order to shift things for the next generation and to influence the world in a profoundly positive way.

It all starts within. Your wellbeing is imperative for the wellbeing of those you love. And you weren’t meant to do it alone. How would it feel to know you didn’t have to do it alone?

Let’s talk about it. Click here to pick a 30-minute spot to chat with me about what our work together will look like. It’s free, and I can’t wait to talk with you!