This week between Christmas and New Years is kind of swirly, isn’t it? There’s a different energy that blankets this week like fog on a cool, damp morning. In fact, that’s exactly what I saw out my window this morning when I woke up for my morning practice.




Work schedules are not as rigid, the kids are out of school, and people are emerging from their home nests and entering the world in a more relaxed way. The busyness and festivities of the holiday time seem to take pause for a couple days as we shift our attention toward New Year’s.

If you watched my Winter Solstice Webinar last week, you learned that it’s in our nature to turn inward this time of year. It’s a time of deep reflection and introspection. This is rooted in the cycles of nature, and from that a modern custom of setting New Year’s resolutions emerged. The word resolution is a form of the word resolve, and upon looking at the definition in my dictionary app (a daily tool for me), I wanted to introduce this approach to the notion of resolve and resolutions, based in another daily tool in my life–music:


Resolve (music): to progress from dissonance (disharmony, incongruity) to a consonance (harmony, peace).  


This is our work right now. We are naturally inclined to turn inward and reflect on our lives this time of year.


Where are you in dissonance in your life? What feels out of whack, out of alignment, maybe a bit chaotic, not in-tune with what you desire or what feels most natural and appropriate for you on a deep, soulful level?


What does consonance look and feel like for you? In what areas of your life do you feel a deep sense of harmony and peace? In the areas where you experience dissonance, what would consonance feel like?


I encourage you to spend some time journaling about this this week. You have the added benefit of the energy of the New Moon on Thursday. The New Moon is the time of the month when the sky is dark. The illuminated moon is turned away from us, leaving us a blank canvas in the sky. What is it you wish to paint on this blank canvas? Close your eyes and tune in to the vastness within you and tune in to that harmony and peace. What would it take to bring that out into the world every day? Allow your body to experience that feeling of consonance, then make choices in your day-to-day life that generate that same feeling.


Guiding people through this practice is my life work. So often our chattery minds and our egos pull us out of the deeper exploration of what it means for us to live peaceful, joyous, blissful lives. I help you quiet that noisy part of yourself so you can create the life you truly desire with greater ease and efficiency. It’s not work that is meant to be done alone. Click here to sign up for a complimentary hour-long session with me to explore what it would be like to devote yourself to your own expansion. The timing is perfect and I ready when you are.


Much love,   


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