The final week of each month I discuss the area of your home that pertains to the theme I’ve been discussing in my blogs. This month that theme has been the Fame & Reputation. This life energy is about living with integrity. It’s about embracing your gifts and talents and using them for good in the world. It’s about showing up in a way that is authentic to who you are and what your values are, no apologizing for any of it.

Using the Bagua Map, a Feng Shui tool that helps you map out the energy of your living spaces, I invite you to direct your attention to the space in your home that vibrates at the same frequency as the Fame & Reputation. Measuring the dimension of your home is essential in an accurate reading of where this area is located, so take the time to find your homes true center–it’s worth it.

The front wall of your home aligns with the bottom of this grid


For more detailed instructions on how to use the Bagua Map, click here to download my free Creating Your Home’s Energy Map guide.

Now that you’ve found this space in your home, look at it with fresh eyes. What do you see?

The Energy of Fame & Reputation

The Fame & Reputation area is all about the element of FIRE. Here are some ways you can enhance the energy of this area of your home by incorporating more fire:

  • Anything in the red spectrum of colors
  • Candles, tiki torches, lamps
  • Often times, auspiciously, a fireplace is located in this area
  • Artwork: paintings or photographs depicting fire: volcanoes, the sun, beach bonfires, firetrucks, etc.
  • Animal prints as well as pictures of animals or humans–living creatures represent the element of fire. Maybe this is the spot for your dog’s bed covered in red fabric. If you have a window here, a hummingbird feeder on the outside of the window is great!
  • Triangular or conical-shaped objects, or fabrics or artwork depicting this shape

Decor for Fame & Reputation

What is this area of your home currently being used for? Hopefully you’ve been following along with the weekly blogs this month and you’ve had a chance to get clear on what it is you want to be known for in the world. This is the place to anchor these attributes…

  • Hang diplomas or certificates on the wall.
  • If you’ve been featured in a publication, have your article framed and display it here.
  • Do you have a spirit animal–an animal that represents your energy and your presence in the world? If so, this could be a great place to display a picture of that special creature, or plop a stuffed animal here!
  • If you’re an artist or work with your hands at all, display your art here.
  • If you want to be known as kind, write KIND on a piece of paper an tuck it under a vase in this area. Feng Shui can be simple and unassuming if you want!

I’ve really loved playing with the notion of fame this week and pushing our buttons around this triggering word. We can’t hide what makes us brilliant…the world needs us to be living out loud! Reminds me of a poem that has guided my life for over a decade:

peace & love,




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